Visiting Bayon Temple

Depending on the month and time of visit, what you may find surprising is the sheer amount of people pouring into the Bayon Temple. Capturing breathtaking shots would be next to impossible with people passing nonstop. But although this sounds generally unpleasant, the presence of large crowds has its benefits.

Our locals are accommodating and friendly, and are always ready to attend to those in need of help. Knowing, however, that tourists come in with money, locals may ask for some money in exchange for their assistance with taking photographs or guiding you around. Some do not think badly of this, but there are more than a few who did feel they have been scammed so please be aware in advance. If you don’t feel comfortable asking locals for assistance, help from a fellow tourist is never too far away.

Another way of avoiding unexpected fees along your visit is by hiring a tour guide which are easily found from the nearby city of Siem Reap. They can also help you understand the history of the local area much better than trying to learn it all by yourself.